Victor 'Victoria' c. 1893-94

This Victoria ladies bicycle was for sale at some time ago. Seller states the list of patents on the head mentions an 1893 date, so it will be 1893-94. 'Victoria' is the ladies version of the Victor, the brand name of the Overman Wheel Company.

Is is a nicely preserved bike, with beautiful hubs (typical American) a a bottom bracket that is typical for early Victors. It looks very original, although I have my doubts about the lamp holder.
Brake handle and spoon are missing. The rims and the rear fender are made of wood, which makes this a very early bike to use wood for these parts. It has pneumatic tires of the tube type. At the time (until 1900), there were no front mudguards for ladies bikes. They were not supposed to go cycling in the rain, I guess. 

The saddle is original and of a very special construction. The position is vertical until the lady mounts the bike. The catalogue sais: 'The action of mounting pushes the saddle into its normal position. (...) ladies clothing will not catch upon the point of the saddle in mounting. Dismount can also be made more comfortably if rider moves forward'.
I wonder how many ladies just fell off? Anyhow, it looks like it has never been used. Marvellous bike!